Lazarus Links

List of Targets

Hedningarna Ali Mandelbaum The Poozies Mary Coughlan King Crimson Apocalyptica Ingrid Karklins Ann & Nancy Änglagård
Wanted: Live

If any of the musical acts listed above are sighted, do not approach. Instead send all concert tickets to

Former Accomplices
Annwn Avalon Rising Golden Bough Puppet Show Verlene Schermer Spookytree

Subversive (chromatic) harpmakers
Subverting the dominant paradigm
Philippe Clement Massimilano Mirra (Palette Harps) Pat O'Loughlan

Non-subversive (diatonic) harpmakers
Dominating the subversive paradigm
Dusty Strings William Rees Harps Lionwood Harps Starfish Designs

Other suspects
Surveillance has also been placed on the following web sites:


Enter thy password all ye hungry ramblers:

The Harp Files
A list of harp-related links would be redundant, given that you can now view all of InterPol's recently declassified harp files, aka The Harp Ring.

Other links that will probably get Kyle into trouble

Behind the Snakeskin Curtain
Through creative use of a 40-word vocabulary and elaborate use of hands, Kyle has finally been made to understand that Solongo plays hutschirr (Mongolian snake-skin fiddle), NOT its more famous cousin the mhorrin khorr (horse-head fiddle) as reported in the liner notes to "Old Loves." Thus the error. Perhaps Kyle should have consulted some of the following Mongolian-interest web sites before going to press: