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"While other harpists may just give us an obligatory re-hash of the Irish classics, Wohlmut shows us here that he has something new to say in the genre."
Ray Ashley, Touchstyle Prophet

"Very impressive... 'Gobi Dick Set' is magical-the Mongolian violin works so well with the harp... very cool!"

Margie Butler, professional harpist of the group Golden Bough

"Sounds great-- someone did a very good job on this recording..."

Andy Wallace, editor-in-chief of the internet ‘zine ScroomTimes (

"It's like East meets the Atlantic Islands... brilliant. Exquisite harp playing as well."

Kerry Kirkham, film director

"(Well, my wife hates it, so) clearly ranks with some of the greatest albums of all time."

Alan Smithee, noted Hollywood producer & film mogul