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Old Loves
Old Loves -- the new recording

The debut recording from the international harp syndicate. Twelve tracks presenting 60 minutes of music. Each track features Kyle Wohlmut on wire-, nylon/gut- and/or electric harp(s), and he is variously accompanied by acoustic & electric guitars, upright bass, Mongolian fiddle, flute, viola, vocals, piano, percussion, and others. The material ranges from traditional Celtic, traditional Mongolian, traditional Catalan, O'Carolan, classical, jazz, and modern folk and original compositions, all done in unique style. In short, a very wide and ambitious variety of material for the folk harp featuring a wide selection of players... To view the track listing and hear samples, see the sounds page, and to read reviews, please visit the press page. Of course, to meet the players, visit the sights page.

Price: $15 US/16.50 euro

Old Loves is now available via cdbaby, the coolest spot on the web for independent music! Although of course you can still purchase the CD directly through this site, for US buyers we heartily recommend checking out cdbaby, especially if you like your CDs shrink-wrapped. Already have the CD? No need to feel left out, surf on over to our page at cdbaby and write us a review!

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The Telltale Harps
The Telltale Harps-- a different recording

Yes, there are still a precious vanishing few of these left. Last September, Kyle found a small pile of these behind the refrigerator, and they are believed to be the very last copies EVER of this recording. Plus, all these remaining copies are the ones with the extra-cool WHITE TRAYS! Don't miss out, 'cos when they are gone, they're gone. A forerunner of The Lazarus Harps, this CD from 1996 which must remain nameless consists of six tracks of the Celtic persuasion, harp duets featuring Kyle Wohlmut and another harpist who must remain nameless, with special guest Jennifer Arnold (future Lazarus operative) on viola. In addition to the hit single, "Dennis Murphy's/Searching for Lambs," this disc also boasts two original pieces by Wohlmut. Total time: 26 minutes. For reviews of this great disc, you will have to look a lot further than the press page to dig anything up... but if you can believe anything you can read on the web, trust us: it's good. You want it. A must for everyone.

Price: $11 US/12 euro
Special offer: Order both CDs for the amazingly low price of $22 US/25 euro and we'll eat the shipping!

'I Will Rise' Tour Shirts
The Lazarus Harps "I Will Rise" Tour 2000 t-shirts

Don't miss your chance to get one of these very very limited edition t-shirts. Printed in ever-stylish yellow on black, the design is two-sided featuring the distinctive Lazarus Harps logo on the front side (the very tasteful 'pocket logo' situated on the non-existent breast pocket, or rather, where said pocket would be if it existed, quod non), and the back bearing the legend "I Will Rise: The Debut Tour" above and, enigmatically, "The farewell tour" below, with all relevant tour dates, locations, and band members in between. Available in one size only, XL, because we all know that's the only size t-shirt anybody ever buys, don't we? A must for the true fan and collector of obscure harp memorbilia (we know who you are).

Now, we're not saying that wearing one of these t-shirts will bring you back from the dead, but on the other hand we're not saying that it won't, either...

Size: XL only
Price: $15/16.50 euro.

Verlene Schermer CDs
CDs by Verlene Schermer

European customers only: Held over! In conjunction with the upcoming joint Verlene Schermer/Lazarus Harps European tour, Ms Schermer's CDs can be purchased in Europe through this site. Verlene is a gifted harpist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who has been described as "God's gift to the harp" and about whom it has been said "[She] wields her voice with the expressive range of Miles Davis' trumpet." A finalist at Lyon & Healy Pop & Jazz 1997, she has three CDs of pop-jazz oriented originals and covers, on which she accompanies her vocals variously on folk harp, cross-strung harp, wire harp, electric harp, violin, guitar, psaltery... the list goes on... and backed by top-flight support on bass, drums, trombone, and other instruments. A fourth CD, of jazz standards, is due at the end of 2001.

Click on the cover image to surf on over to her site for sound samples and other details, and then come back here to order!

Price: EUR 16.50 (each CD)

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